1. Virginia SHore says

    We are curating a collection of American and Loatian art for the new US embassy in Vientiane. We would very much like to see images of work we might be able to consider including in this permanent collection which would be acquired. Please send images with prices and information. Best, Virgina

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  3. Vieng Samounetry says

    I was at the vine at show in mpls and to be honest didn’t know what to expect, but I was very humbled by the experience to physically see my people doing good, I’m very used to the ugly and negative side of our society it was very refreshing keep it up !

  4. Ryan says

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  5. Ashley J. says

    I work for an interpreting company, providing interpreters for patients at doctor’s appointments and so forth. I am in need of someone who speaks Lao to help assist a patient for their appointment. If you or someone you may know speaks this language, can you please contact my company at 212-766-4187 or email us at interpreting@legallanguage.com.

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