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Staff Favorites: April – What are you most looking forward to, this year?

In honor of Lao New Year’s (how many other civilizations/countries figured out that a calendar of some type would be a huge asset?) and all the cleaning we do to start the new year fresh…we asked our staff: What are you most looking forward to, this year? I swear I saw something about meeting a Kardashian but hey–gone with the new year, huh? =)  –Sai Sisavatdy


Donna Luangmany: I count myself lucky; life with my large family is abundantly full of love and joy (and a lot of chaos, but that just keeps things interesting!). As the new year dawns, I’m most looking forward to spending time with family – those related by blood and adopted in by love. I’m also excited for all the growth that’s on the horizon. My children are developing into amazing little people and it’s a pleasure to witness. I hope to grow too; creatively, professionally, and as a parent and role model for them. I am a careful and meticulous planner. But I’ve learned over the years that life has a way of throwing curveballs. So the last thing I’ll add to this list is, the surprises that are to come. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

A.Ou: I’m looking forward towards the unknown. I can’t say what it is I’m looking forward to but I’m looking forward to it regardless. I strive to find happiness in the simple things, to take it slow for now.





Janit Von Saechao: I’m looking forward to going wherever it is that I am moved towards: whether for work, for my community, my art, or my healing. I gave up on new year’s resolutions years ago, but I did promise myself that I would be committed to things that feel best for me. I’m hoping for a year that continues to teach and grow me.

Saysomphorn Sisavatdy: What I look forward to each year rarely changes, even if there are trips on the horizon I haven’t yet made. My list always includes: gratuitous sleep, great eats, fair health (you don’t get great sleep and great eats and realistically believe your health isn’t thrown to the harshest loam), happiness for friends and family, enact a positive change somewhere to someone, spend time with the key VIP’s in my life, have fun, and sprinkle in some travel. All that = Best Year Again. Repeat.

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