1. Khamphanh Sayaphoum says

    You are probably my age Sir I am a born Laotian from Vientiane . Growing up during civil war . Life was fun and rough at time. My dad was a royalist colonel, he dressed in full uniform with a sword during the military parade honored the King of Laos. I always on my dad side many times. Life is dead in Laos for me and to many diasporas, when Laos fell to the communist. Now I live in USA having a new life without oppression.

  2. Andy Wallace says

    We must be a similar age. I don’t remember hearing the name Sayaphoum, but we attended some social events organised by the military. I do remember Colonel/General(?) Sananikorn and his French wife. They hosted a party on an island in the Mekong during the dry season, with sunshade made from parachutes. I wonder if you were there??

    • littlelaosontheprairie says

      Thanks again for sharing your story with us, Andy! The writing was lovely and your memories and that postcard? Amazing. I’ll have to inquire about the party you mention above, with my parents. That last name is my mom’s side of the family. –Sai

      • Andy Wallace says

        Yes please do ask! My Mum and Dad stayed in touch with members of the Lao community and also some ex Diplomatic and Voluntary Service workers for years after we left Laos in 1971, but mostly in the UK and in France.
        Happy New Year

      • Andy Wallace says

        Hello again,

        I have just found some small prints by Bounxou Sananikone in my Dad’s flat, dating back to the 1960s. Would that be a relative of yours?

        Kind regards


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