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I’m donating my birthday to Little Laos on the Prairie

Dear Readers,
On May 28th, I’ll be another year older (hopefully wiser) and my pastime hobby of blogging on Little Laos on the Prairie is now officially under The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora), which turns the big 3 as a legally-recognized organization. Little Laos on the Prairie is 7 years old this year already. Much has happened, shifted and progressed in that short amount of time, especially in our social-political landscape, but our work is just getting started as demands from the diaspora for better and more streamlined access to meaningful culture, community, and connections continue.
This birthday, I’m asking for your gift to jumpstart our efforts by donating to The SEAD Project for Little Laos on the Prairie.
At The SEAD Project, we’re imagining community development differently. A diaspora movement owned and led by us, for us. We’re building a more accessible bridge to spaces powered by what we already know and have: our cultural assets. We do this through streamlined language sessions, pop-up workshops, and engaging service-learning opportunities within our communities that makes meaningful impact cross-culturally, cross-generationally, cross-causes.
This year, your generous donation will help us expand our culture & heritage program to reach even more Southeast Asian communities:
  • Building quality heritage teacher teams knowledgeable in Cambodian, Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese language/culture/history/social issues.
  • Creating easily accessible pop-up workshops, program booklets, materials and resources that are culturally-appropriate.
  • Improve user-friendly features and capabilities of our website to reach our learners better.
Our current programs include: our internationally-acclaimed Little Laos on the Prairie blog, pop-up SEA cultural workshops and knowledge-sharing engagement opportunities for the diaspora. This includes our tried and true storytelling through LLOTP. 
I can’t name many other organizations that are founded, led and powered by the very people it serves and the complex journeys we come from. Let’s drive our collective community power together as Southeast Asians. It’s the only way we know how. You can learn more at
-Chanida Phaengdara Potter, Founding Editor of Little Laos on the Prairie & Executive Director of The SEAD Project
Donation instructions:
Option 1) Donate online via PayPal: Option 2) If you hate processing fees and want to avoid it all together, send a check made out to: The SEAD Project and mail it to 393 North Dunlap Street Suite# 722, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104.
***Little Laos on the Prairie blog is a program under our mother organization, The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora), a legally registered 501c3 in the United States. All donations to The SEAD Project are tax-deductible. SEAD’s EIN #: 47-4088420***

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