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Alisa Phommahaxay Brings French Street Art to Vientiane

From January 6-15th, French street art takes residency in Vientiane as the French Institute (Institut Francais du Laos) hosts  “Art42, Hors Les Murs // Extramural : Vientiane”. The installation is organized by Lao French curator, Alisa Phommahaxay, who’s based in Paris. We briefly chat with Alisa about her work, how art inspires her and her upcoming exhibit.

Tell us about yourself. How was it growing up?

I was born in Paris, after my studies in Visual Arts at the Sorbonne University, I went to London and lived there for 5 years to work as a curator. Before coming back to Paris (Sept 2015) I went to Vientiane for 4 months, I was fortunate to give some courses and do an exhibition at the National Institute of Fine Arts under “Introduction to Contemporary Art”. I’ve been back to Paris for a year and half now.

My parents are both from Laos. My mother is from Luang Prabang and my father is from Vientiane. It is an important factor for why I’m doing all this art projects in Laos. Because I’d like to do something that I think could be valuable for my country.

How did you get interested in art? What inspired you while growing up? 

Roue de Bicyclette Marcel Duchamp, 1913

I’ve been interested in art since high school. My first art piece which made a big impression to me is “Roue de bicyclette’ by Marcel Duchamp (1913), because it was the first time I understood that art is not only dexterity but concept/idea. Plus, I always thought that art piece is ‘aerial’. I really like installation and video, I also like huge sculptures, art that forces me to think forward.

What should visitors expect to see in the space at Alisa Gallery in Vientiane? What’s the goal of your installation?

In the Vientiane exhibition, you can see the new French street art scene. It will be their art studio work that you can find on the streets as well. My goal with Alisa Gallery is to show the art that questions me and I like to show collaboration between artists from around the world.


Do you have advice for others in similar career paths as you?

My only advice will be don’t be scare to show what you like, dare to do it by yourself. Visit art galleries and museums and don’t be shy to ask questions of the artists or gallerists. They will be more than happy to talk with you.

Find Alisa’s exhibition work from London, Paris, Vientiane, Bangkok to Yangon on her website at Alisa Gallery. Check out the upcoming “Art42 Hors Les Murs//Extramural: Vientiane” exhibit opening January 6, 2016 at Instit Francais on Lanexang Avenue in Vientiane, Laos.

Press Release (Lao/French/English): 


ເປີດວາງສະແດງສິນລະປະຮູບພາບ ຮອບປະຖົມມະເລີກ ໃນວັນທີ 06 ມັງກອນ 2017 ຕັ້ງແຕ່ເວລາ 17:30 ໂມງ
Alisa Gallery ຂໍນຳສະເຫນີ«Art42, Hors les Murs Extra mural : Vientiane»ໃນຊ່ວງວັນທີ 06 ຫາ 15 ມັງກອນ 2017 ທີ່ສະຖາບັນວັດທະນາທຳຝຣັ່ງ ປະຈຳລາວ, ທີ່ນະຄອນຫລວງວຽງຈັນ.

« ສິນລະປະ42», ເປັນການສະແດງສິນລະປະ ທີ່ບໍ່ຢູ່ໃນຫໍພິພິຕະພັນໃນເມືອງ ແຕ່ແມ່ນການສະແດງສິນລະປະ ຕາມຖະຫນົນຫົນທາງໃນເມືອງ ເຊີ່ງໄດ້ມີການເປີດວາງສະແດງສິນລະປະດັ່ງກ່າວ ຜ່ານມາແລ້ວ ໃນ ເດືອນຕຸລາ 2016 ທີ່ນະຄອນຫຼວງ ປາຣີ, ປະເທດຝຣັ່ງ.

ແລະເປັນຄັ້ງທຳອິດ ໃນອາຊີ, Alisa PHOMMAHAXAY, ຫນື່ງໃນຜູ້ກຳກັບຮ່ວມ ງານວາງສະແດງສິນລະປະ, ໄດ້ມີການເຊີນເອົາຜົນງານ ຂອງນັກສິນລະປິນຝຣັ່ງ ແປດ ທ່ານ ເພື່ອນຳມາ ວາງສະແດງຜົນງານຊຸດນີ້.

ເຊີນຊວນທ່ານເຂົ້າມາຄົ້ນພົບກັບ ປະກົດການແປກໄຫມ່ ຂອງຝຣັ່ງ.

Nicolas Laugero Lasserre (ນັກສະສົມ ສິນລະປະ42) ໄດ້ກ່າວວ່າໄວ້ວ່າ : ຖ້າຫາກມີທ່ານໃດ, ມີສະຖານທີ່ໃດຫນື່ງ ທີ່ມີກຳແພງ/ທີ່ມີຝາ, ທີ່ສາມາດນຳສະເຫນີຜົນງານຂອງບັນດາສິນລະປິນເຫຼົ່ານີ້, ຈະຖືວ່າເປັນສິ່ງທີ່ຍອດຍຽ້ມທີ່ສຸດ, ພວກເຮົາຈົ່ງວາດຄວາມຝັນ ວ່າ ການປະຈົນໄພທີ່ຕໍ່ເນື່ອງ! « rfi, ຕຸລາ 2016».

Alisa Gallery présente “Art42, Hors Les Murs // Extramural : Vientiane” du 6 janvier au 15 janvier 2017 à l’institut culturel français du Laos, Vientiane.

ART 42, est le premier “anti’ musée urbain qui a ouvert ses portes en octobre de cette année, à Paris, France.

Pour la première fois en Asie, Alisa Phommahaxay, une des commisaires d’exposition associés, invite huit artistes français issus de cette collection à montrer leurs oeuvres.

Venez découvrir la scène émergente française!

Nicolas Laugero Lasserre (Collectionneur de Art42) : “Si il y’a des gens aujourd’hui à l’autre bout du monde, ça fait toujours rêver, qui ont un mur, la possibilité d’acceuillir ces artistes, ça serait fabuleux. Allons-y, l’aventure continue!”
Rfi, octobre 2016

Bault // Ërell // Romain Froquet Artist // Kazy // Clément Laurentin // Madame // Stew
Et 36recyclab (Alexis Cladiere) comme invité spécial

Art42 Asian Tour 2016-2017 : Bangkok // Yangon // Vientiane

Curatrice : Alisa Phommahaxay
Demande d’infos à

Alisa Gallery presents “Art42, Hors Les Murs // Extramural : Vientiane ”
6th to 15th of January 2017 at Institut Français du Laos

ART 42 is the first (anti) urban art museum in Paris, France, which has opened in October this year. For the first time in Asia, Alisa Phommahaxay, one of the curator associates for Art42, invites eight French artists from this collection to show their work.



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