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Lao-Diaspora-of-the-Week: Sayon Syprasoueth

This week, LLOTP continues our brief feature series, introducing you to the creatives and organizers of the Lao American Writers Summit 2016. Meet Sayon, a Lao Cambodian American who is curating the artist exhibitions during the summit.

Who are you?
Here’s my bio: Sayon Syprasoeuth, MFA is Lao-Nyaw, an American citizen who was born in Battambang,Cambodia. He works as a Program Coordinator for Living Arts Long Beach at UnitedCambodian Community Center. He is a visual artist who advances mixed-media across painting, sculpting, filming, and photographing; his art is representative ofexistential challenges, contradictory identities, and spiritual and metaphysicaldimensions of reality. He has been an art instructor at Long Beach City College andparticipates in various arts organizations, such as the Goethe Institute, ARENA 1,Orange County Contemporary Center for Art. His recent curating and exhibitingproject promoted GHOSTS, which focused on memory, generational impact ofviolence and genocide, and the aftermath of selected and suppressed memories thatare pathways into lived experiences.Sayon’s most recent published work has been featured on the cover of BOOM Journal magazine, Getting Religion, a USC publication (Getting Religion: Winter ed.2015) and “The New American,” The Asian American Literary Review (Re)Collectingthe Vietnam War, Volume 6, Issue 2: Fall 2015 (pp.125-132).

What’s  your favorite Lao dish?
I always love every kind of Laab (meat salad). Whether it is shrimp, beef, fish, chicken or pork.

When you tell someone your ethnic background, what’s their first reaction?
They perplexed. Confused. I think they just can’t handle the truth and/or don’t know their geography. So they make it like it’s my problem, when in fact it’s their ignorance.

In three words, why people should attend the Lao American Writers Summit in San Diego?
Support. Encourage. Build.

Learn more about Sayon’s work at:
Meet Sayon and other community creatives at the next
Lao American Writers Summit, this May 27-28, 2016.


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