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I am Lao America #BeLaod

Can you name ONE story in today’s mainstream media that’s from a Lao perspective? We’ll bet that’s unlikely. This is why Little Laos on the Prairie exists. Keep us alive so we can keep our community’s stories coming and our voices thriving.

Join the #BeLaod movement on social media to drive visibility of Lao memories, identities, culture, and people. Let’s put ourselves on the map. Let’s define who we are.  Let’s #BeLaod. Follow the instructions below and you could win a BLaogger Swag Set (mix of the folllowing: t-shirt, journal, pen, coffee mug and/or limited edition books by Lao American authors).

Just take these sabai (easy) steps:

1. Follow Little Laos on the Prairie on Facebook and Twitter

2. Sketch a sign with the words, “I am Lao America. ‪#‎BeLaod‬” and snap a photo or video of it with anything and everything that is Laomerican to you. Be creative. 

3. Tag us with hashtag #BeLaod and nominate one (or more) of your friends & family to do the same. 

4. Be featured on social media and added to our #Belaod gallery, maybe win cool bLaogger swag, and get popuLao (I know, we can’t help being punny). 

Questions? Details? Lazy with ideas? Email

@littlelaosontheprairie @thaoworra @lchantha @luekhamhan @alexphasy


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