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Events: Lao New Year, Lao Diaspora and the big 40

This month couldn’t be more crammed with all kinds of Lao’d events, happenings and celebrations. Don’t miss some of the biggest events of the year. Here’s the lowdown:

Lao New Year

Temple blessings, water fights, grilled chicken ass, and a lot of lum vong-ing. These are the national celebrations happening across the states. Kudos to some of the Lao communities at streamlining communications better this year. We got a mixed bag of events listings, flyers, photos of flyers and the usual word-of-mouth.


Georgia’s Lao American community has been actively engaged with their temples. Check out this comprehensive list of festivities.




Although some of the festivities have passed, check out the temples in Fort Worth and Royse City.



International Lao New Year in San Francisco has just passed. This weekend is in Modesto. No word from the community there yet on details, but will keep you posted.

April 11-12 – Wat Lao Boubpharam

April 18-19 – Wat Lao Buddharam 

April 18-19 – Tai Lue Lao New Year – Lion Hall

April 25-26 – Temecula Temple

(Updated) VIRGINIA/DC: 

April 18-19 – Wat Lao Buddhavong – Virginia


This year, only the Wat Forest Lake temple is hosting full-day festivities. Although the Wat Forest Lake temple is still re-structuring and amid renovations, they are hosting thak baht, nang sangkhan pagent, and evening dance reception this weekend Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at Buasavanh in Brooklyn Center.




Don’t forget the first and only national “Lao Symposium on 40 Years” being held in Minneapolis, including scholars, community advocates, artists and writers from around the country; April 17-18th, 2015. Learn more at the website here



And of course, in Laos: 


Got one to share from your local Lao community? Send it to us:



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