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First claymation series for children launches in Laos

TV in Laos just got a lot more fun for kids. Sponsored by UNICEF, Laos launched an educational children’s claymation series, called “My Village”, focusing on three Lao children and the love for their village and friends through music and stories.


“ECD (Early Childhood Development) TV is initiated by the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism (Mass Media Department) and the Ministry of Education and Sport with support from UNICEF Lao PDR. Building upon the success of and talent identified at the ECD Communication Workshop in February 2012, UNICEF supports a pilot TV series aimed at young children (with a small component for parents and other caregivers). The foundation of the series is Claymation. The series is supplemented by songs and music videos with young children (live action or studio), as well as a literacy (storytelling or book) component. It is intersectoral in approach and holistic, interactive, inclusive and supportive of preschool readiness and life-skills.” -UNICEF Laos

Take a peek at the first episode that just piloted:

Learn more:



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