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Mattie Do's Horror Film Chanthaly

Director Mattie Do recently released a trailer for the first Lao horror film, Chanthaly over at Vimeo.

Our team in Minnesota is working fast to figure out a way to get it shown in the Twin Cities later this year.

As you can see, she’s opted for some very stylish approaches to presenting Lao horror on a shoestring budget. What would be your preferred way to see it screened in MN? At Intermedia Arts, the Loft Literary Center, one of the Minnesota Science Fiction conventions like Arcana or Diversicon, or a theater like the Oak Street Cinema? Let us know!

ຈັນທະລີ (Chanthaly) Trailer from Mattie Do on Vimeo.

“A young girl, raised alone by her overprotective father sequestered in their home in Vientiane, Chanthaly suspects that her dead mother’s ghost is trying to deliver a message to her from the afterlife. After a change in the medication treating her hereditary heart condition causes the hallucinations to cease, Chanthaly must decide whether or not to risk succumbing to her terminal illness to hear her mother’s last words…” Coming soon!

-Bryan Thao Worra

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