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August is Lao Minnesotan Artists Heritage Month

The Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, has presented a certificate of recognition to Lao Minnesotan Artists!Image

The text above reads: “This certificate is presented to the Lao Minnesotan artists in recognition of their international, national, and local contributions to communities. As the third largest Lao populated state, Minnesota recognizes the significance of the dedication and performance of these artists. Therefore, with the appreciation and respect of the people of Minnesota,this certificate is presented to Lao Minnesotan Artists. Celebrated: August, 2012.”

With over 50 Lao Minnesotan artists in various stages of their career, we can look at this certificate as a powerful affirmation of our efforts and our journey as it intertwines with Minnesota and the world. Hopefully, this recognition will continue to inspire and energize others to add their voices to the great American tapestry, and to treasure the great stories and visions within themselves and all living beings.

The effort emerged from a grassroots effort to demystify the process of civic engagement and to examine the role artists have in advocating, shaping, and examining the strengths and opportunities for our community. How will you celebrate Lao Minnesotan Artists Heritage Month?


-Bryan Thao Worra


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