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NOW RECRUITING: Lao Diaspora Writers

So you got some writing chops? We’re looking for you. If you identify as part of the Lao/Laotian diaspora and live in the United States, Australia, France or other countries; join our international team of writers to share, reflect and collect stories about your community. Paid per articles, 2x/month on topics of interest in culture, food, society, social justice, community, politics, sports, education, you name it. Must be willing to also interview and collect stories. Send questions, resume and writing samples (if any) to

A Future We See Ourselves In: Talking with Bryan Thao Worra

This week, the Science Fiction Poetry Association has announced that I’ve been elected as the organization’s new president. I’ll be the first Lao American to lead a speculative literature organization, and Little Laos on the Prairie has asked me to speak a little about that today. The Science Fiction Poetry Association‘s mission is to bring together international writers interested in poetry featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the imagination. Founded in 1978, every year we publish several journals, hold contests and present 3 major literary awards for writers. I myself was a recipient of the Elgin Award for Book of the Year in 2014.┬áThe organization also provides resources for poets seeking professional publication and networking opportunities. And these opportunities are definitely needed. Although today science fiction and fantasy seem common in most corners of artistic endeavor, such as film, novels, and the visual arts, poetry is one area that’s received less attention even as remarkably innovative work is being done there. While awards aren’t everything in the literary arts, it’s hard not to notice the …