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Lao American Writers Summit and making a case for the arts

Seven years ago Catzie Vilayphonh, Bryan Thao Worra and I co-founded the Lao American Writers Summit. Lead by Bryan we were able to raise funds and support from foundations, state agencies, individuals, and businesses. LAWS could not have happened without that initial support. In order to understand the significance of LAWS, you have to first understand the circumstances of Laotian communities. We came here as refugees. Survivors of the Secret War in Laos – a proxy conflict of the Vietnam War. Anti-communist Laotians fought on the side of the CIA. Thousands of Laotians were sent to re-education/labor camps, the lucky ones only saw their friends executed. My father, uncles, and grandfather escaped labor camps. After the fall of Long Chieng, an exodus of Laotians fled Laos, sought safety at refugee camps in neighboring countries. Since the late 70s, there are approximately 240,000 Laotian Americans nationally with roughly 12,000 calling Minnesota home. Unlike many of our APIA artist communities, Laotian artists more or less work in isolation as they are likely the only Laotian artist in …

NOW RECRUITING: Lao Diaspora Writers

So you got some writing chops? We’re looking for you. If you identify as part of the Lao/Laotian diaspora and live in the United States, Australia, France or other countries; join our international team of writers to share, reflect and collect stories about your community. Paid per articles, 2x/month on topics of interest in culture, food, society, social justice, community, politics, sports, education, you name it. Must be willing to also interview and collect stories. Send questions, resume and writing samples (if any) to