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Happy Thanksgiving from Little Laos on the Prairie

It’s the season for good cheer, spending time with loved ones and on this particular day — giving thanks. Here are some things we at Little Laos are thankful for. “I’m thankful for the LLOTP writing team (and) I’m thankful for the diaspora and the great lengths we (go to) build community in any part of the world.” – Chanida Phaengdara Potter, editor-in-chief “I’m thankful for friends and family, no matter how far apart we are.” – Jason Rolan, editor “I’m thankful for how time helps communities learn, heal and progress, even beyond our own borders.” – Sai Sisavatdy, managing editor “I’m thankful so many of you get your articles in on time.” – Bryan Thao Worra, co-editor, about the LLOTP writing team “Besides my health, job, friends and family, I’m thankful to have found a place where I can be myself and embrace my culture.” – Savannah Rattanavong, co-editor What are you grateful for?

Top 10 annoying and hilarious things you’ll hear during Lao Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year we get to have another excuse to mass eat and drink without shame in carb-heaven America. We came up with the top ten Lao’dest conversations we’ve heard over the dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Little Laos on the Prairie!   1) YOUR MOM’S TRIP TO LAOS THAT YOU STILL HAVEN’T PAID FOR.   “Have you seen how developed it is there, louk? They even have one real mall! Just like America!”   2) BRINGING YOUR UNCLE TO GET BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.  “Uncle Boun needs to know where you’re getting the deal for my next flatscreen!”   3) IT’S TURKEY LAAB, AGAIN. SHUT UP.  “Can’t we just have real roast turkey for once, mae?” “It’s not as good. Lao food wins, OK? Just eat the laab!”   4) JOIN YOUR AUNTIE’S MULTILEVEL MARKETING SCHEME. “Auntie just wants to help you become a millionaire, honey. If you get 5 of your friends to join the gold circle with us, we’ll all be rich and get to go to …