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Dear Guru: How do Lao last names work?

Hello there,  I am currently staying in Laos and got interested in Lao names. It would be interesting to me to get to know more about how and if Lao people change their names after getting married. Also if there are any dynasties of families with famous names, as some other South East Asian countries seem to have those.  Hope you can help me out here 🙂 Thanks and cheers! -Curious Reader in Laos — Dear Curious Reader in Laos, Up until the late French colonial era, Lao people did not typically have surnames. French enforcement was weak and then the country fell into turbulent times, so even today in some remote areas people still do not have surnames. Unfortunately, also due to these factors, there is a great deal of duplication of surnames even when two families are not related at all, unlike in neighboring Thailand where surnames are not allowed to be duplicated when there is no relation. When a rural family wants access to social services, such as enrolling a child in school, …

Producers of PBS “We’ll Meet Again” Documentary Series Call for Reunion Stories from Laotian Diaspora

Producers of a We’ll Meet Again, a series on reunions torn by major historic events, are looking for reunion stories from the diaspora during the Vietnam War, Secret War and Laotian Civil War eras. If this is you or someone you might know, share the call below to your networks. — Separated from family by migration or war? Thrown together with a stranger during a natural disaster or emergency? Have you shared historic events with someone you’d like to see again? We’ll Meet Again is a new history series and we may be able to help you find the person you’re looking for. To find out more with no obligation, please email or call toll free on 1-888-487-2771. More details online here.