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Aim High: Scholarships and Lao American students

College education is expensive, but the statistics show that over our lifetimes it more than pays itself back with most graduates earning more money than those who have no degree at all. For the Lao community, we’ve seen the Census 2010 statistics and others that show that barely 1 in 10 Lao successfully graduate college, and fewer still go on to get a Masters degree or higher. As a community we need to do what we can to make the process easier for our youth and returning students, and one way we can support them is to help them identify good scholarships they’re eligible for. There are many scholarships that those with a historically Asian Pacific Islander heritage can apply to. One of the most well-known is the Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund. For over a decade, the Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund has been strengthening communities across the country. APIASF’s mission is “to make a difference in the lives of AAPI students by providing them with resources that increase their access to higher education …

Lao American students: check out these scholarships

Dr. Ketmani Kouanchao wants to remind everyone that deadlines are fast approaching for scholarships. It’s never too young to start building a philanthropic mindset of generosity and compassion. For Lao American students, I would even note that these values are firmly embedded in our culture. But Lao American families and communities need to do more to give our students a chance to practice that sense and joy of service meaningfully. They need opportunities to build confidence and networks of friends and allies now who will be a big part of their journey in the years to come. Read the full article: