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Throwback Thursday: The Boat People of Laos

#ThrowbackThursday #RefugeesWelcome #BoatPeople #StraightOuttaCamp Boat people fleeing. Escaping violent wars. Struggling in poverty. Borders open and borders closed to welcoming and unwelcoming locals. To the thousands of refugees from Southeast Asia across the world, today’s images of Europe’s refugee crisis triggers those same memories. Over 30 years later, we’re still grappling with how we’re remembering, reflecting, and healing from the past in the midst of what we all feel too familiar with. Nor Sanavongsay’s newspaper clipping is an example of that. “My thoughts when looking at the newspaper clipping is, “we were so oblivious to what was happening and the significance of the history we were making.” When I think back about those times again, I wished I had been more in contact with my sponsors. They pretty much saved our lives, and gave us a better one. We owe a lot to them for taking great care of us.” -Nor Sanavongsay, Founder of Sahtu Press What do you think of the current refugee crisis? Do you have a similar memory from the past?

Kickstarter Project: Bringing Xieng Mieng to Lao American Children

Nor Sanavongsay is a Lao-American illustrator and writer living and working in San Francisco area. He’s created award-winning projects for Encyclopædia Britannica, Sears, and is currently designing interfaces for Barnes & Noble NOOK. He is currently working on the Xieng Mieng children’s book series and a character known as Kiwi the Green Koala. He recently launched a kickstarter to finish making the first Xieng Mieng Book at . Gently, easy-going and usually quiet, he was incredibly talkative about finally making this new book. Many of us who’ve known him since his days with the SatJaDham Lao Literary Project remember his enthusiasm and excitement over 10 years ago. It’s a labor of love for Nor, who’s also been helping so many other Lao projects and his fellow artists. He’s got fans across the country, but has usually kept a low-profile when talking about himself. But I think you’ll agree he has an inspiring story. This January, I was able to convince him to do an interview for Little Laos on the Prairie. Thanks for talking with us, …