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A Little Laos shopping guide

With Christmas just around the corner and other holiday celebrations, many Little Laos readers are likely well in the midst of gift shopping. However, if you’re still at a loss, want to think about gifts for other occasions or just want to treat yourself, consider supporting some of these Lao-themed brands and businesses with this handy shopping guide. Don’t see your favorite? Chime in in the comments section below. -FOOD & SNACKS- Ninja Foods Making tham mak hoong has never been easier. Just add some some instant and authenetic papaya salad sauce from Ninja Foods to any food you’d like. Their sauces come in three spice levels — mild, medium and hot., $5 Lat14 Inspired by the diverse backgrounds of its culinary team, Lat14, a restaurant based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, serves a bit more upscale versions of your favorite Lao, Thai, Cambodian foods and more. Take your taste buds on a trip around the world and visit if you get the chance. Soul Lao Soul Lao is a traveling food truck based …

Lao-Diaspora-of-the-Week: Nor Sanavongsay

This week, LLOTP launches our brief feature series, introducing you to the creatives and organizers of the Lao American Writers Summit 2016.  Give us your two sentence bio. Nor Sanavongsay is an artist who loves creating and exploring new ways of achieving great results in his work. He has been making his ideas real since the 5th grade. Describe in detail your favorite Lao dish. Dancing Larb Goong (shrimp) is my favorite because it’s entertaining and delicious. When you tell someone your ethnic background, what’s their first reaction? Confused and “I thought you were Filipino?” In three words, why people should attend the Lao American Writers Summit in San Diego? Creativity. Food. Fun Learn more about Nor’s work at Sahtu Press. Meet Nor and other community creatives at the next Lao American Writers Summit, this May 27-28, 2016.