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FAQ: Breakdown of DHS Visa Sanctions on Laos

What does the recent Department of Homeland Security visa sanction on Laos mean? It doesn’t just impact Lao government officials and their families. As part of ICE’s aggressive tactics against refugees and immigrants, the lives of those who came as refugees with permanent status and have orders of removal (deportation orders) are increasingly threatened, which can signal a larger deportation crisis for nationals of Laos. It’s a popular misconception that an MOU with Laos is necessary for deportation. If we recall what happened to Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries with mass deportations, then we have to be proactive in understanding these policy implications on Lao, Hmong and other ethnic groups from Laos who came to the states. These are the most frequently asked questions from community members below. The FAQ is information gathered from partnering sources and our immigration policy and legal experts. Don’t see your questions answered? Ask in comments or email and we’ll get them answered. Link to full DHS announcement   What does this announcement mean? On the July 10th, the …

BREAKING: Police Officer Found “Justified” in Killing of Sylasone Bong Ackhavong

“On April 19th, 2016, a Laotian refugee who appeared to be experiencing mental health issues was shot and killed by the SWAT team in Charlotte. His name was Sylasone “Bong” Ackhavong and he was 41 years old. Bong’s family had no idea about the details of his death until a CMPD officer met them to tell them more, a few months after his death. At that time, the family learned that CMPD was investigating the shooting themselves, and they requested that the investigation be taken over by the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI). Yesterday, January 4th, 2017, Bong’s family met with the district attorney to hear the results of the investigation. The SBI decided that SWAT Officer O.M. Lester was justified in shooting, and killing, Bong and that he will not be prosecuted for his actions.” via Southeast Asian Coalition #JusticeforBong Here’s the full statement from the Ackhavong family: LLOTP will update as more information becomes available. Other media coverage (read with critical lens):