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On tour: MN metal band debuts “The Color Clear”

Minnesota-based metalcore band, Reflections, officially released their third album, The Color Clear, on September 18, 2015. The four person band features two Lao Americans, guitarist Patrick Somoulay, and bassist Francis Xayana. LLOTP caught up with Francis to find out more about their latest album and life on tour. Tell us a little bit about Reflections. Who’s in it? How did it get started? Reflections has been a band since 2010, but didn’t get active until 2012. It started off as a project between our guitarist, Patrick Somoulay, and our vocalist Jake Wolf. I came into the picture soon after and also our drummer, Nick Lona. I play bass for the band, but I also take care of the business and branding aspects. Our genre is metal. What’s it like to be a Lao American kid in a rock band?  I never once felt like I ever had a disadvantage in being in a band because of being Lao American. I suppose it doesn’t really make me feel special or different than anyone in that sense. But as of …

Get Cultured: Lao Heritage Foundation’s Midwest Lao Culture and Language Conference

Looking for ways to connect to Lao culture this summer? Get them acquainted with traditional Lao music, dance, history and language at Lao Heritage Foundation’s (LHF) summer camp this August. For the past 10 years, The Lao Heritage Foundation‘s mission has been to promote Lao culture and heritage. They teach dance and music instruction, specifically to children. The teachers work with master musicians and performers in California, Virginia, and Laos; to share skills, ideas, and pass the arts onto the next generation. This year is the first Midwest summer camp for LHF. Applicants must be 14+ years old. Application deadline is TODAY, Friday July 17th, 2015, which runs August 8-15th at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. For more info and to apply, contact the LHF chapter coordinators in the flyer below.     -Staff,