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Running Home documentary comes to Minneapolis

Meet us at the movies, readers! Co-sponsored by Little Laos on the Prairie, Running Home will be screening this Friday, June 19th, 2015 at 7:00PM at Sushi Tango located at 3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Q&A with the amazing Lao American women of the film will follow. Running Home follows Lao American ultra marathon runner, Nang Dunn on a personal journey: a goal to come full circle and cross the finish line in the village where she grew up as a child. She teams up with runners Nancy Southasarn and Sirivanh Ketavong on a anti-trafficking campaign that evolved to become the first ever ultra marathon relay in Laos, spanning 130 miles across 3 provinces in 3 days. All proceeds will benefit survivors of human trafficking and the next Run Laos Challenge hosted by Village Run Foundation and Village Focus International. Learn more:  -Staff, 

Laomerican Cuisine: Laopherd’s Pie

Recently, Little Laos on the Prairie’s Bryan Thao Worra coaxed acclaimed Northside blogger and community builder Jeff Skrenes into being the guinea pig for a new addition to Lao American cuisine with a concept he referred to as Laopherd’s Pie. Ever a good sport, Jeff Skrenes took him up on it and shared his after-action report with us. You can read the original at North by Northside: A recent Facebook conversation with my favorite former Minnesotan, Bryan Thao Worra, centered around cultural comfort foods and culinary fusion.  As more and more Southeast Asians (and other immigrants) locate in Minnesota, they will bring their comfort foods with them–laab meat, papaya salad, sticky rice, etc.  Here in the midwest, we’ve already got plenty of our own comfort foods, such as shepherd’s pie, the infamous hot dish, and various jello and fruit conglomerations. So we began to ask ourselves, what would happen if some of these Scandinavian and Southeast Asian foods were to be combined in some unholy culinary syncretism?  What would some of our choices even be? …