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Recap in Photos: Lao American Writers Summit in Seattle

Feature photo by Dennis “Wtpho” Sikhanthat If you weren’t there, you missed another inspirational summit as fellow creatives made space for a moving dialog on the state of Lao America and the literary arts. More than 400 people gathered at the 4th Lao American Writers Summit in Des Moines area of Washington state at Highline College. Hosted by the Lao American community of Seattle and organized by local organizations POM Foundation, Kinnaly Dance Troupe, AANAPISI, and Lao Community Service Center. Check out these snippets of what happened during the two-day summit: #LAWS2017 Two-day series by Dennis “Wtpho” Sikhanthat. See the whole set on Facebook.     Black and white portrait series by Krysada Binly Panusith Phounsiri of Snap Pilots. See the whole set on Facebook. Recap video by Catzie Vilayphonh of Laos in the House   Don’t miss the next summit. Follow Lao American Writers Summit on Facebook for the latest updates or visit

What a Queer Lao Man Wants You to Know

We’re coming up on one year of the Pulse Orlando shooting, so naturally I am very emotional, and reflecting on my own life as a queer* Lao man. Regardless of the motives of the Pulse shooter, the massacre meant that a gay bar – one of the few spaces in society that explicitly caters to LGBTQIA* people – has been violated. While gay bars may have their own slew of issues, it’s important to understand that for many people who have been bullied for their sexuality, an LGBTQIA space of any kind (including a bar) is necessary. For escape. For community. For self-discovery. I’m also equally emotional about letting people know that LGBTQIA Khon Lao exists! Racial minorities are regularly brushed to the sidelines of LGBTQIA conversations. Even though the Pulse shooting happened during the club’s Latino night – and most of the victims were Latino and/or Black – so much of the shooting’s media coverage focused only on White faces, voices, and stories. It’s obvious to me that representation for LGBTQIA people of color …