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NOW RECRUITING: Lao Diaspora Writers

So you got some writing chops? We’re looking for you. If you identify as part of the Lao/Laotian diaspora and live in the United States, Australia, France or other countries; join our international team of writers to share, reflect and collect stories about your community. Paid per articles, 2x/month on topics of interest in culture, food, society, social justice, community, politics, sports, education, you name it. Must be willing to also interview and collect stories. Send questions, resume and writing samples (if any) to

Give to The Bryan Thao Worra Fund

Our legendary award-winning poet, writer, community trailblazer, arts & culture editor and above all else– friend, Bryan Thao Worra, is in need of our community’s help. Do you have Bryan’s back? I’m sharing one of our favorite poems to remind the world the impact of his words. . . . Read his story and donate here:  . . . “Aftermaths” by Bryan Thao Worra   Sometimes, I want to tell you. Laying by your side, it’s a mystery to explain Why I gave up my poetry for so long.   It’s a mystery to explain why I told you my mother is dead, When I really don’t know what happened to her in those distant jungles.   I loved you, telling you everything I knew about myself, Only to find, as the years went on, how little I really knew.   I can’t dream of my father, his face was blown off by an Anonymous enemy rifle before a picture could be taken.   I don’t have the voice to sing songs to you, Or the stories, …