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Artwork by Chantala Kommanivanh to Benefit The SEAD Project

Starting today, attendees at our exclusive opening of “Spice + Rice Foodie Fundraiser” to support Little Laos on the Prairie’s storytelling work will get first dibs to check out and snag the latest original collection of artwork by artist Chantala Kommanivanh. The pieces will then go to a temporary home at New Rules on N. Lowry Avenue in Minneapolis through the end of this year. Join us for an opening and community mural activity on Saturday, November 11th starting at 5:00PM at New Rules. A percentage of proceeds will go to benefit our work and The SEAD Project, our mother organization. Want a piece? Shoot an email to

Being Laotian Chinese American at the 4th Lao American Writers Summit

As I start writing this, it has been a few weeks since the 4th Lao American Writers Summit has ended. Although I still feel sad that the summit is over, I still feel a strong emotional high from it. Before I begin, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tommy Shee. I am three-quarters Chinese and one-quarter Laotian, born and raised in Missouri. In order to write a full reflection about LAWS, I wanted to cover all aspects of it, or at least the aspects I found relevant enough to include, such as, but not limited to: before the conference, the conference itself, and thoughts and advice on the summit overall. Starting off, how did I hear about this summit? I heard of this summit from previous attendees when I was looking for ways to meet more Lao people as well as learn more about what it means to be Laotian Chinese American. Unfortunately, the previous attendees I talked to could not make it this year due to work-related reasons. As a result, …