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Get Cultured: Lao Heritage Foundation’s Midwest Lao Culture and Language Conference

Looking for ways to connect to Lao culture this summer? Get them acquainted with traditional Lao music, dance, history and language at Lao Heritage Foundation’s (LHF) summer camp this August. For the past 10 years, The Lao Heritage Foundation‘s mission has been to promote Lao culture and heritage. They teach dance and music instruction, specifically to children. The teachers work with master musicians and performers in California, Virginia, and Laos; to share skills, ideas, and pass the arts onto the next generation. This year is the first Midwest summer camp for LHF. Applicants must be 14+ years old. Application deadline is TODAY, Friday July 17th, 2015, which runs August 8-15th at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. For more info and to apply, contact the LHF chapter coordinators in the flyer below.     -Staff, 

Pondering Lao American Speculative Dance

In the aftermath of my exhibit and presentations during the Beyond the Other Side of the Eye Exhibit in February in Minneapolis, one of the concepts that has been lingering with me that I haven’t had a chance to discuss at length yet is a theoretical set of additions to the traditional Lao dance repertoire: Lao American Speculative Dance. Dance of the imagination. One Lao community member I spoke with said we would run into friction because we have enough of a hard time getting Lao to learn traditional Lao dance, or Lao audiences to pay attention to the existing repertoire as it ‘fades’ into the sunset. But people have been saying that about ballet, ballroom, tango, and the cha-cha-cha for almost a century. If we treat formal Lao dance as something that cannot be expanded upon, then Lao dance has encountered a dead end, and over time the rot will spread across the beautiful face of Lao culture.