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Photo Snippets: The 5th International Conference on Lao Studies in Bangkok

Wrapping up a busy year of 40th commemorative festivities across the country, Center for Lao Studies (CLS) organized its 5th internationally-known conference for the first time in Southeast Asia. The conference was this past July 8-10th, hosted by Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. Check out the photo snippets below. All photos credited to Radio Free Asia. “The conference served as a venue for scholars and community members to gather and discuss various aspects of Lao Studies. I felt like coming to a family reunion every three years, and seeing different aspects of Lao studies progressing in a positive way. The International Conference on Lao Studies is the only conference that focus exclusively on Lao Studies and I am glad to see how it has grown throughout the years.” -Vinya Sysamouth, Executive Director of Center for Lao Studies  -Staff,