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ART ON SALE: 30% Off Paintings by Chantala Kommanivanh to Benefit The SEAD Project

END OF SUMMER CLEARANCE: ALL ARTWORK IS 30% OFF At the exclusive opening of “Spice + Rice Foodie Fundraiser” in Fall 2017, the latest collection of contemporary artwork by acclaimed Lao American artist Chantala Kommanivanh went up to support our critical storytelling work for Little Laos on the Prairie and mother org, The SEAD Project. The collection debut at the “Reclaiming Our Seeds” exhibit which ran for 30 days at New Rules. Here’s the full list of pieces. Buy these originals to keep our work alive while supporting one of the most important Lao American artists of our time. If interested, please check availability with us indicating the title of the piece via or call 612-460-5559. All artwork are in Minneapolis area and pick-up is preferred. Any required shipping must be included in total. Payments can be made by check or online. SOLD LIST LAST UPDATED: 9/7/18  

The Last President of the United States

“This is the last president of the UNITED States of America. Yellow signifies a warning about the next four years…an end of democracy. The question now is: who will be our next president of a united states?” -Chantala Kommanivanh The Last President of the United States, 2017 40″x40″ Acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas #obamafarewell More on Chantala at: