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Dear Guru: What’s the meaning behind these Cuban propaganda art posters that were sent to Laos back in the day?

This week’s burning question comes in via several emails and comments received when we posted our winner of “Best Public Art Display” on Facebook. It featured artwork from Cuba…sent to Laos during the Vietnam War era. What’s the meaning behind these Cuban propaganda art posters that were sent to Laos back in the day? In the aftermath of World War II, the old world order upended and empires fragmented, giving birth to a new era of nationalism and self-determination among the former colonies. Two opposing ideological blocs arose, the First World capitalist NATO countries and the Second World communist Eastern Bloc, competing for global dominance during this Cold War era. Many of the newly independent Third World states (many former colonies of NATO countries) formed their own neutral Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which sought to maintain good relations with both sides (at least on the surface). Overlapping the broader membership of the Non-Aligned Movement, were other factions working to sway members’ support on various issues, such as the African Union, the Arab League, the Afro-Asian People’s …

Recap in Photos: Lao American Writers Summit in Seattle

Feature photo by Dennis “Wtpho” Sikhanthat If you weren’t there, you missed another inspirational summit as fellow creatives made space for a moving dialog on the state of Lao America and the literary arts. More than 400 people gathered at the 4th Lao American Writers Summit in Des Moines area of Washington state at Highline College. Hosted by the Lao American community of Seattle and organized by local organizations POM Foundation, Kinnaly Dance Troupe, AANAPISI, and Lao Community Service Center. Check out these snippets of what happened during the two-day summit: #LAWS2017 Two-day series by Dennis “Wtpho” Sikhanthat. See the whole set on Facebook.     Black and white portrait series by Krysada Binly Panusith Phounsiri of Snap Pilots. See the whole set on Facebook. Recap video by Catzie Vilayphonh of Laos in the House   Don’t miss the next summit. Follow Lao American Writers Summit on Facebook for the latest updates or visit