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The Last President of the United States

“This is the last president of the UNITED States of America. Yellow signifies a warning about the next four years…an end of democracy. The question now is: who will be our next president of a united states?” -Chantala Kommanivanh The Last President of the United States, 2017 40″x40″ Acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas #obamafarewell More on Chantala at:

Alisa Phommahaxay Brings French Street Art to Vientiane

From January 6-15th, French street art takes residency in Vientiane as the French Institute (Institut Francais du Laos) hosts  “Art42, Hors Les Murs // Extramural : Vientiane”. The installation is organized by Lao French curator, Alisa Phommahaxay, who’s based in Paris. We briefly chat with Alisa about her work, how art inspires her and her upcoming exhibit. Tell us about yourself. How was it growing up? I was born in Paris, after my studies in Visual Arts at the Sorbonne University, I went to London and lived there for 5 years to work as a curator. Before coming back to Paris (Sept 2015) I went to Vientiane for 4 months, I was fortunate to give some courses and do an exhibition at the National Institute of Fine Arts under “Introduction to Contemporary Art”. I’ve been back to Paris for a year and half now. My parents are both from Laos. My mother is from Luang Prabang and my father is from Vientiane. It is an important factor for why I’m doing all this art projects in Laos. …