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Education and Expression: An Interview with Kanya Lai

Kanya Lai is an English teacher at Nashville School of the Arts. She spends her summers traveling to exciting locales, where she usually volunteers in underprivileged schools and/or orphanages.  Her work has appeared previously in Little Laos on the Prairie, and Bakka Magazine. She joined us in Minneapolis in 2015 for the National Lao American Writers Summit where she spoke and performed her writing. We had a chance to catch up with her recently to discuss her journey and her thoughts on creating lifelong success for students. What’s a story about your family’s journey to the US that you remember the most? I was 5 yrs old when we immigrated to the states so I don’t remember too many memories from Laos. I know that the most poignant memory for me was the struggles and hardships my parents faced when we first arrived to Nashville, TN. I know that sounds like the standard immigrant story, but it is honestly what I remember most. When we first arrived here, we didn’t have a car and my dad …

The Last President of the United States

“This is the last president of the UNITED States of America. Yellow signifies a warning about the next four years…an end of democracy. The question now is: who will be our next president of a united states?” -Chantala Kommanivanh The Last President of the United States, 2017 40″x40″ Acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas #obamafarewell More on Chantala at: