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Throwback Thursday: The day I felt America's pain

This poem was published on the anniversary of 9/11 four years ago on my old personal blog, The Yellow Brick Road. I revisit and reflect. In my teen years, I was always a reserved and quiet girl at Armstrong Senior High School, a predominately White school in Plymouth. The town would be┬árated the best place to live in Minnesota by Money magazine in 2008. “One more year and I’ll graduate!”, I thought to myself. I was in pottery class, in the middle of sanding my coffee mug I made. It was meant for dad. We were told to watch the TV screen. As Tom Brokaw’s voice came on, I turned away. The mug fell out of my hands. It broke into exactly three pieces. 9/11 Pottery class Intercom speaks “Teachers, please turn on your TVs” Watching, listening 17 years old Shock America’s challenge 10 years later America’s remembrance Obama in Osama out Arab Spring Humanity yearns Healing from yesterday Hoping for tomorrow