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Can you name one story in the media today that’s from a Lao perspective? 

“When we share our stories in our own words; written for us by us; we not only build community, but we create a cultural asset that opens doors for generations to come. Little Laos on the Prairie exists because our stories matter. The digital society we live in allows us to create our own literary traditions on our terms. This is the most empowering tool. There’s reflection of who we are as people, a sense of hope and connection with our shared history and journeys. We were missing and invisible in mainstream culture and now we have the ability to change that narrative. “Chanida Phaengdara Potter, Founding Editor & Executive Director

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Little Laos on the Prairie (LLOTP) is an internationally recognized online publication with thousands of fans and followers in the United States, France, Australia, Laos and elsewhere. We’ve been featured on Twin Cities Daily Planet, Minnesota Public Radio, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press and others.  With local roots in Minnesota and a global coverage, we believe in highlighting the voices of the Lao. LLOTP operates on a volunteer basis to bring the stories of our community to the forefront and we are in need of your support as contributors of the literary movement.

Become a part of the Lao’d movement and contribute at any level. You can sponsor a story, a bLAOgger, a campaign, or become a monthly, quarterly, or yearly contributor.

Sponsorship Levels

Reader Level – $100

Writer Level – $300

Editor Level – $500

Publisher Level – $1,000

Indicate to us if you would like to sponsor an event, campaign or general LLOTP support.

What does LLOTP need contributions for?

Community. Education. Storytelling. 

  • Reaching Communities. Expenses (mileage, travel) to reach more communities to collect stories and capture histories
  • Quality Storytelling. Costs (online tools, research fees, digital equipment, website maintenance, etc) associated with technology, reporters’ time, field research, gathering, collecting information for accurate and quality writing and editorial standards
  • Globalized Engagement. Driving social media engagement with readers from all across the world.
  • Crafting Online Literary Movement. Engaging readers on social media and on-the-ground reporting, creative visual and literary content
  • Educating the Next Generation. Workshops and programming for educating emerging writers and youth on digital literacy

Special benefits for all of our Lao’d Sponsors:

  • Monthly highlights and updates
  • Special access to related community events, festivals, screenings, etc.
  • Be part of the advisory group to let us know what you want to read and see on LLOTP

LLOTP is a program under The SEAD Project. All donations are tax-deductible. 

LLOTP welcomes in-kind donations such as skills and software in graphic art, marketing, writing, etc.

If interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Chanida Phaengdara Potter at

Whether it’s $10, $20, $50; any amount helps continue our work. To contribute, click on the ‘donate’ button above or here.

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