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To Khmu and Mien Women When The World Says You Aren’t Enough

Your body tells a story of tradition Fingerprints a map of your peoples’ past Wrinkled palms show the mountains and valleys that surrounded your great grandmother’s village Hair a waterfall down your back, pouring life like those in your mother’s land Holder of history. Hope in true form. Every mole a marking serving as reminders that you are made of generations of magic. You are sacred. You are your ancestors embodied. All parts of you passed down from predecessors Living proof that they survived. This is how your being is never ending. This is how you know you are infinite.  

Staff Favorites: March – What Inspires You Most About Women?

In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked our staff to define what makes women…so amazing? We figured this would receive a more diverse answer than something akin to, “what woman inspires you most” (most likely answer being mama). You know us…always trying to be the pinnacle of progressivism! Don’t be shy–add in your own stories and reasons in our comments section, below!  –Saysomphorn Sisavatdy, ~~ Donna Luangmany: History is full of amazing women: Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Joan of Arc, Frida Kahlo. They’re among many who have changed the world with their actions and accomplishments; but I want to celebrate every day women, and their resilience. In our society, we’re expected to take so many roles: mother, spouse, daughter, student, employee. The list is endless and it means something different to everybody. But what we all have in common is that we’re expected to hold it down at home, work, and/or school and act as though it’s easy. It isn’t always, but still, we push through and make it work. We give it …