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Little Laos FB Live Q&A: Chef Seng of Thip Khao and Padaek

Calling all Lao foodies! How do I make sticky rice the right way? What kind of padaek should I use? If you have burning questions about all things Lao food and want a special peek inside a Lao American kitchen, join Little Laos on the Prairie’s Facebook Live Q&A series which kicks off with award-winning Chef Seng of Thip Khao and Padaek. More about Chef Seng: The fun starts September 20th 2:00PM ET/1:00PM CT/11:00AM PT Send questions ahead of time to, on FB messenger or Twitter @littlelaosblog for a chance to get your answers live!

Back to School: The College Survival Guide for Lao Students

Back to college time for Lao students everywhere! By now you’re seeing guides left and right about what to bring, what you probably forgot, and tips on how to make the most of your college years without going broke. (Or super-broke, at least. Everyone goes broke. The secret is not staying that way.) This week, our Little Laos on the Prairie correspondents and editors share with you the first installment of our irreverent 2017 LLOTP College Survival Guide, good for wherever you go. Except that one whack school (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE): Don’t be THAT roommate. If your parents trust you enough for you to live in a dorm, GREAT! But the same Lao house etiquette rules apply. Don’t be that roommate who never washes their dishes, clothes, or themselves except when it rains, who always eats other people’s stuff without asking and borrows money without repaying it. The one who constantly leaves the door unlocked and turns the room into Party Central ‘til 5am or having sex while you’re still in the room. …