1. Khamphanh Sayaphoum says

    You are probably my age Sir I am a born Laotian from Vientiane . Growing up during civil war . Life was fun and rough at time. My dad was a royalist colonel, he dressed in full uniform with a sword during the military parade honored the King of Laos. I always on my dad side many times. Life is dead in Laos for me and to many diasporas, when Laos fell to the communist. Now I live in USA having a new life without oppression.

  2. Andy Wallace says

    We must be a similar age. I don’t remember hearing the name Sayaphoum, but we attended some social events organised by the military. I do remember Colonel/General(?) Sananikorn and his French wife. They hosted a party on an island in the Mekong during the dry season, with sunshade made from parachutes. I wonder if you were there??

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