1. First let me comment on a few statements you made.

    “Many (including me) say that the US is being administered by a President aligned with White Supremacy”.

    While I don’t agree with or generally like trump and didn’t vote for him, there is no evidence that he is a white supremacist. And that link to his tweet doesn’t show that.

    “Although Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t throw any punches, he did disrupt meetings, he did disrupt businesses, and he did disrupt traffic.”

    If you think its okay for people that think they are morally right to get in the way of citizens that are trying to live their lives, like stopping traffic on the freeway or blocking cars on the street, so people that are working can’t do their job, you are a jackass.

    Yes you can protest and you can do what ever. But it should not impede in others who have no interest or more importantly are AT WORK. If you are protesting, then people who are interested will step in and listen to what you have to say, if they agree then they will join. That is how protests are supposed to work. If what you are saying is true and honest you should not have to force or more importantly impede people who are working. And you definitely should not stop traffic. At that point you are just trying to get attention for your cause, which doesn’t make you more right, it just makes you the asshole that is going to cost me my job because you shut down the street. You might have free days to sit in the street, but I and many others work for a living and don’t want to sit in a street for attention.

    “engage in the struggle for freedom and equality, people will want to criticize and dissuade you”
    While many SJW come from a selfish place, I have no doubt some come from a honestly sincere place. But nonetheless, just because someone criticizes you, doesn’t mean they want to dissuade you from fighting for freedom and equality. Your framing it as if all SJWs are coming from a honest and good place, which is not always true and that anyone that criticizes you is against freedom and equality, which is not always true. Frankly if you can’t answer basic criticism its a sign your position is wrong. A true and right position should be able to stand up to criticism.

    It’s ridiculous you use Nelson Mandela as an example for your social justice. He is a man who spent over 25 years in prison peacefully fighting to bring people together. He generally was against violence and criticized extremism, even when they were on his side. He worked with the prison commanders to improve the living standards of all prisoners. You are saying we have to act against our government because they have been infiltrated by white supremacist, which is absurd to begin with. But Mandela was willing to work with the people that kept him in prison. And you want to outwardly fight the government, when there is really no evidence they are “white supremacist” or actively keeping you down. There is no logical connection between Mandela’s struggle for justice and your social justice call for radicalism. It’s extremely sad to see you use his name like that.

    “Honestly, if a person would prefer politeness and/or law-abidance to the quelling of White Supremacist violence, then it is that person who is “no better than them.””

    First that is absolutely ridiculous. Also again, framing. Just people don’t want to follow your SJW bullshit doesn’t mean they are at the same level as the white supremacist. Most people can see through that bullshit. Your making yourself look bad.

    Now about your points
    1.of course social justice cannot rely on laws. Social justice by definition is about surpassing laws and enforcing your own. The fact that these self interested groups, which also is in their definition, get to decide what is morally right and can dispense any justice they seek fit is a horrifying idea. No one is safe from SJW logic.

    But Is there really a utopia at the end of that path. Honestly. Once you killed all the white supremacist, republicans, conservatives, libertarians, non-progressive liberals, classic liberal, business owners; do you really see things going great. It’s going to be lord of the flies, but more obnoxious and boring. This isn’t even about left and right, as you saw me include several democratic groups in that kill list, this is about people that think they are morally superior sacrificing everyone’s freedoms for their fragile sensibilities and warped ideology. Sounds and looks like fascism to me.

    “how White Supremacy manifests in our elected/appointed government officials, our police forces , and even our Constitution”

    Now I’m not saying there aren’t people in power that are racist or connections to racist ideology. But please show me cases of this that is found out and ACCEPTED by the public. Those articles show cases of that and any illegal action perpetrated by those racists individuals get them arrested or fired. Your statement is there are racists running our government and police and they act racist and everyone is okay with it. Yet your articles show racists/connected racists in places of power and are removed once they do something racist. If anything that is the system working. Racists exist, they are horrible and once they do something racist they should be removed. And most times they are. Show me the multitude of times they aren’t removed and just allowed to be horribly racist in contemporary America that your false narrative is based on.

    Frankly if that was true, you and I wouldn’t be here. You think we were just super lucky to make it pass the minority sweeps in America? Or maybe the country isn’t overtly racist and there are just a number of racists people living here and when ever they act up they get removed. You think there aren’t racists in Laos? Let me tell you I would be the first person unjustly detained in their reeducation camps scheduled for execution. There are still a ton of Hmong refugees hiding in the forests cause of them.

    The system isn’t perfect. I’m sure there are some racists that get by, but the idea they have infested the government and police and actively attacking minorities with no repercussions is silly and wrong. If your going to make a statement like that, you have to have actual evidence. Specific cases/data of it. You can’t just say America’s government and police are racist and we as minorities are going to be killed. And we should unite to fight a evil that isn’t even there. Cause that will get us killed.

    Yes we should let the law do their job. You want vigilantism to run this country? Cause at what point does it stop? It wont be long before innocent people are torn apart by social justice mobs, in fact it’s already happening. Now I’m not saying you can’t voice your opinion or even protest. But do that in addition to allowing the law to do its job. Once you skirt the law things get really violent and the amount of innocent people hurt will grow and that is generally not good, wouldn’t you agree?

    And the law is doing its job. The guy responsible for the Charlottetown attack is under arrest. I hope him and all the other people that started the violence get convicted and suffer.

    why not calm people down and validate their concerns? The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Again you are framing it poorly. You think someone is dismissing anger then they don’t care about people dying. What is “dismissing” by your definition? If I just say you shouldn’t go kill that guy yourself, is that dismissing and I don’t care about the innocent people hurt and killed? Stop framing it like that. You just make your position look bad.

    The fact you want to defend groups, whose actively say “fuck the police”, and you think anyone correcting them is dismissing is absolutely horrible. Police are normal people, most are good. They just want to protect people and go home to their families, and the fact you can just allow people to verbally attack them because of the SJW’s fragile sensibilities and faulty logic shows what kind of person you are. You should be ashamed.

    You talk about how racists are allowed to work in America and hurt minorities, which means the American people knowing allow them to do it. What are you doing when you allow people to voice their disdain with violent threats to police when a majority of them are just regular people doing their job. I am against anyone that is for hurting innocent people. You should be too. Yet you allow your group to threaten police, and not a specific police officer that did something wrong, all police. Which means some amount of innocent people. You are truly disgusting.

    If a police officer does something wrong, I hope they get convicted and suffer. Like that Sacramento cop that got arrested for raping that disabled women in 2015. He got a life sentence and I hope he burns in hell. But not all cops are bad cops. So lets not demonize the good cops because the bad ones. And before you jump to your identity politic bullshit that it must be a evil white cop raping women, he was a black cop.

    As for your statement of police killing people. First according to the Pew Research Center only about 27% of officers ever fired their weapon on duty. So your assuming every cop shoots people. That’s not true.

    Second you state hundreds of people that get shot, you give me the actual statistic that says police kill hundreds of innocent people every year. Let me save you some time it doesn’t exist. According to the Washington post in 2015 about 38 unarmed black and 32 unarmed white people were shot by police. . Explain how minorities are slaughtered by police when the numbers of whites killed are about the same. Most of these cases involve attacking the officer, resisting arrest, fleeing arrest, commission of a crime, or erratic behavior (usually because of a mental illness). Of the 38 unarmed suspect shootings, 3 where accidental, 1 is in question and the other 35 involved fighting, resisting, fleeing, committing a crime, or erratic behavior. So 4 out of 991 shootings in that year are unjustified or in question. That’s 0.4%. I would talk about the 32 white lives, but that doesn’t help your false narrative so I’m sure you don’t care about those lives.

    So tell me where you get these “hundreds” of innocent minority killings. And before you try to frame it as I don’t care about those 4 deaths. No they aren’t okay. We should hold those officers accountable as far as legally possible and that 1 questionable shooting has had a federal civil rights investigation. I must ask, do you care about those deaths? Instead protesting the few actual cases of unjustified killings, you chase after these false number of cases, and worse you start adding clearly bad cases to your list just to bolster your numbers. Because you think no one will fact check your false narrative.

    Fact is this is not a race problem, since almost the same amount of white people die in the same situations as black people. This a behavioral problem. How about instead of teaching people to be fearful and resistant to police. You teach them proper procedure.

    When pulled over by a police officer you keep your hands on the wheel, keep your answered short like; “yes, sir”, “no, sir”. If arrested/detained you do not resist or fight. Even if you are innocent. First they don’t know that, a criminal would say they are innocent just the same. Cooperating when being arrested does not mean you are accepting guilt. They can’t find you guilty anyways, that’s for a court to decide. So why fight a cop. They have nothing to do with your guilt at that time. Their job is just to bring you in safe and securely. Once arrested, don’t answer anything and request a lawyer as is your right. If you believe they did something improperly, you get their badge number, and report it to your lawyer and the court later. You do no argue with the cop during arrest. Also you do not provoke them. And that’s about it. If you, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or BLM cared about black lives. They would teach people how to stay safe, instead of how to get killed for their cause.

    Your narrative is completely false and actually harmful to society. If you raise people to be unreasonably afraid of police and the government. How can they do well. They can’t. Which is a big problem in Asian countries. And the corruption in America is no where near as bad as in Asia. Yet you want to make it seem worse.

    Your just race baiting and fear mongering. How can you say your doing something good when your pushing a false narrative and identity politics? Your the same as the white supremacists. Literally, your a extremist just like them, just the other side of the spectrum. The same way racists say all blacks are bad, which is not true. Your okay with people saying all police are bad, which also is not true.

    Most of us want to just live our lives. And when we see bullshit like white supremacists we act accordingly as you see most of them get treated pretty poorly in public and such. Yet your SJW group is full of militant, radical, extremists too. More and more logical thinking people see through your bullshit and soon you will get treated accordingly as well.

    You people are so quick to make martyrs of other people. You revel in the process of radicalizing others. So they can fight your fight and you feel morally superior. And all it costs is the lives of innocent people. If you and political figures really cared about the people you purport to care about then you should do things actually helpful, instead of spouting race baiting propaganda for your own selfish needs. I’m tired of seeing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson showing up on TV like a evangelical pastor promising absolution. If they really cared about black lives they would recommend proper behavior when dealing with cops to reduce altercations, instead of instilling a unreasonable fear, which creates more and more violent situations. But of course they want violence, that is literally their job. Saving black lives would cost them money. It’s sad, that me as a young random Asian guy, seems to care more and have better advice than them and the BLM movement combined.

    And before I get the ridiculous personal attacks, I’m a egalitarian. I believe everyone is equal. I have no problem with any minority, white people, gays, transsexuals, liberals, republicans, or protesters. I have a problem with people that lie and skew narratives for selfish gains.

    Links to data/statistics mentioned below

    Washingtonpost data on police shootings

    sacramento cop rapist life sentence

    pew research center on police firearms

    • Timothy Singratsomboune says

      Hello Chanthalee.

      1) There is evidence of Donald Trump’s White Supremacy. In addition to his failure to condemn White Nationalists in a timely manner, his promotion of Steve Bannon, his birther-ism, his racism in his properties outlined by lawsuits… he also is working to get rid of accessible healthcare. White Supremacy is more than hate crimes. White Supremacy is a system of disenfranchisement of minorities, not just hoods and torches. You should do more research on what White Supremacy is.

      2) For stopping traffic – If society continues to move without dealing with injustices, then why shouldn’t that society be disrupted to wake them up and force them to take action. Protests exists because they stop business as usual and force people to act/correct behaviors… because justice won’t come from inaction. Injustice is getting in the way of marginalized people’s lives, so they use protests to make these impediments visible to people who have the privilege of otherwise ignoring injustices. I’m not sure what expertise you’re using to explain protests, have you organized any?

      3) You say I’m framing it as if “SJW” – a mocking term with no set definition, mind you – are always honest, but you offer no example where I say that.

      4) Nelson Mandela FOUNDED Umkhonto We Sizwe, so you are incorrect that he “was generally against violence.” He also said that he would resist Apartheid by any means in his post 1990 speeches, but that he wanted to give non-violent boycotts a chance. He also had close ties to leaders that did utilize armed resistance such as Fidel Castro. I would encourage you to do more research before writing a post so long attempting to admonish somebody.

      5) I’m disturbed that you stand against ending White Supremacy, because you said that without White Supremacy things will be “worse” and “Boring?”

      6) Racism IS accepted by the public. Look who is in the White House. And have you forgotten that 62% of Americans were against Southeast Asian refugee resettlement? There are racists in Laos, so I don’t see why that makes you think that there aren’t racists here in the US.

      7) Look at the racial disparities in convictions, killings by police, healthcare access, grocery store access, etc. And look at policies like red-lining and restrictive covenants, and exclusionary immigration acts that contributed to these. This article was not a statistical analysis, it was blog post. You are on the hook for learning proper statistics for yourself, which DO point to racial disparities.

      8) Innocent people are already getting hurt when social institutions function with state-sanctioned vigilantism.

      9) Policing as a system has origins in maintaining social order, not promoting justice. The US policing model has its origins in slave catchers… very divergent from the European policing model that grew out of constabularies. Police are a highly violent force, and there are policing alternatives – all of which you have the power to research. Police are trained to protect property and maintain order, this often comes at the expense of personal rights. Does “fuck the police” mean kill the police? For me it means to dismantle policing institutions and replace them with real social institutions aimed at long term solutions – and not waging the failing and racially disparate war on drugs.

      10) You call me truly disgusting, but are trying to attack me with highly inaccurate statements. Maybe you should analyze your own motives.

      11) You all seem to think that the discharge of officer weapons is the sole issue. The real issue is that review, consequences, and accountability are rare for officers that do discharge their gun. I’m sure that there are police that never want to shoot anybody, but that is an individual choice and no system is holding them accountable. Cops who don’t engage in violence could easily change their mind and face limited consequences for it. One cops going to jail is not a systemic statistic. I could name a slew of officers who face minimal consequences for their violence, but you have the power to research for yourself, and I’m reclaiming my time. Also, there are 5 times more white people in the US than Black people, so why do you mention that 6 more unarmed Black people got shot? Sounds disparate to me. Also, if you want me to agree with officers shooting fleeing people, you will be sorely disappointed.

      12) Also, the thought that people should have to cower before officers during a traffic stop to stay alive sounds very authoritarian. I also find it interesting that this doesn’t apply to people who violently assault protesters, just minorities at traffic stops.

  2. First I would like to thank you for allowing criticism after lying about a spam filter after I publicly shamed you for censoring it. Lets me know where what kind of journalism I’m dealing with.

    1. Condemn in a timely manner? Really? The real problem with his tweet was he wasted time to attack liberals. He let his personal hatred for liberals get the best of him. Yes he hates liberals, but does that make him a white supremacist? Nope. I agree it was a poor decision overall, but he was a poor candidate. Did you see his campaign?

    Steve Bannon was more about winning the election than Bannon’s actual political stances. Trump did what ever he had to do to win and that includes working with lets say some unsavory characters. Which I agree is bad, but does that mean he is a white supremacist? Not from this “evidence”. Just he’s a Machiavellian candidate.

    What part of birtherism is white supremacist? The part where trump was wrong, cause he was and still is cause he probably still believes Obama is from Kenya. Or the part where the American President legally has to be born in the United States.

    If its the first, trump was wrong and I believe he just didn’t like Obama personally or politically so he was trying to stone wall him. How does that make him a white supremacist?

    If its the second, that’s just the constitution. Has nothing to do with trump. He didn’t write it.

    Your going to need show me where he sues mostly minorities. Because I know he sues a lot of people. I don’t know they were all or mostly against minorities. From what I know he sues everyone that he has a problem with. How is it racist? More like he just a litigious jackass. I might get sued for saying that. Though I’m a minority, so maybe you have a point.

    How does getting rid of affordable health care make him a white supremacist. That’s a common plan for most republicans and conservatives. I’m a libertarian and I want to get ride of most welfare, but not to help white people. In fact to help minorities. Believe it or not.

    I think you need to research what white supremacist means.

    Problem is most of this has nothing to do with race and more to do with trumps narcissism and ego. Which I agree he’s a huge ass. But racist white supremacist. Not yet.

    Oh yea, egomaniac, absolutely.

    Cant believe you got me defending trump.

    2. Society is acting. That murderer is arrested and he I hope he burns in hell. By YOUR definition society isn’t acting, but things are rolling. Might not be to your pace, but sorry the world doesn’t always do what you want.

    Why do you get to decide what cause is worth our time or worth interrupting other people’s lives? How about if I believe there is an injustice on how white people are excluded from modeling. And I get in front of your car to let you know about this injustice. I don’t care if you care, but that injustice matters to me. So I’m going to force it to matter to you, by standing in front of your car so you can’t get to work. And I’ll be there tomorrow and the day after because this injustice must be stopped. And I must make you stop to realize how much this matters. Why do I get to decide what injustice is important enough to impede your day. Reverse that, why do you get to decide? Answer, neither of us should impede anyone’s day.

    No, protests do not exist to stop businesses, force people to act, or change behavior. Again why do you get to decide what is supposed to be changed or how people are supposed to act. Protests are for voicing opinions. That is all. No where do you get to force anything on anyone. Once you force you are not protesting, you are dictating and you are a fascist.

    I don’t have to organize a protest to know when one is taking place. Once someone forces me to do something its not a protest its a internment camp.

    That is the problem with liberal professors they teach you to fight for a cause, any cause, but they forget to teach you to think about what your doing.

    Also as you should know, since you have organized protests, there are rules. And creating a safety issue like stopping traffic is illegal and not protected by the first amendment. Surprised you didn’t know that. Maybe I should organize your next protest?

    You can have a opinion and voice it, but you don’t get to force it on others. As I said before. If your cause is truly right and honest you do not need to force anything. A just cause can stand on its own. In a protest you should say your piece and when people hear it, if they agree they join and support you. That is what a protest should be. No where are you allowed to impede others or should you.

    I think you need to learn what protesting means. Otherwise I may have to organize a protest that takes place in front of your car every day, till you agree. See what I did there?

    3. “engage in the struggle for freedom and equality, people will want to criticize and dissuade you” This was your statement. Framing means you purposely put it a specific way. So your original statement says “people will want to criticize and dissuade you” from “engag[ing] in the struggle for freedom and equality”. So you are framing as if all SJWs are coming from a good and honest place in that statement.

    4. Yes, Mandela did start the Umkhonto We Sizwe. But he generally was for peaceful resistance. Do you know what “generally” means. He was more peaceful than he was militant. If he is the militant political hero you claim him to be, then name me all the violent battles, uprisings, and wars he was apart of before as a political figure and while he was the president. I’m sure he took place in some, but looking at his overall political career. Do you think he was more militant than peaceful? He won a Nobel Peace Price for PEACEFULLY stopping the apartheid regime. Do you understand what “generally” means now?

    Sure he had ties to Castro. But he was a advocate for working with people as I said. That doesn’t mean he was a advocate for violence like Castro. I would suggest you do more research and most importantly think about your position before you attempt to misrepresent a dead peace advocate for your own selfish movement.

    5. I am not against stopping white supremacy, fact you were to imply that at all, shows how twisted you are. I said if you were to kill everyone you don’t like and that disagrees with you it would be bad. First it starts with the white supremacists, then goes to the conservatives, then liberals that aren’t as militant as you like, and so on, which is where your social justice always leads too. That would turn into lord of the flies, but more “obnoxious and boring”. I don’t know where you got “worse” from. Your just adding things to say I’m not against white supremacy because I don’t think its okay for you to kill everyone you don’t like and that doesn’t agree with you.

    Maybe you didn’t read lord of the flies either. I assumed since you went to college you read that in high school. Anyways most of that was hyperbole and sarcasm. To show how extreme you are. Did you think that was literal? Do you really plan on killing all political parties that you don’t like and don’t agree with you? But now that I think about it, it would fit perfectly with your militancy and radicalism. So I guess no more sarcasm, might gives you ideas, too bad cause I had “a modest proposal” on how to solve world hunger. I HOPE SOMEONE GOT THAT.

    6. The public is racist? Really? Because 62% of Americans didn’t want to take in Asian refugees? That is your evidence for America being racist? Immigration is a national issue and not everyone agrees. That is how democracy works. You love it when it helps your self interested group, but when it doesn’t, then everyone is racists. Do you even think about that?

    How about 62% of Americans didn’t want to financially take care of a ton of refugees. It could more more financial then racial. Not to mention if 62% of Americans said that, then at least some portion of them were minorities. So even a portion of minorities said no to Asian refugees. I’m asian, what if I voted against taking Asian refugees for financial and security reasons. Does that make me racist? It’s not racial. You just made it racial to support your false narrative.

    I didn’t say there aren’t racists here. I clearly said there were racists here like 5 times. I just said not everyone is racists. And we should wait for people to do racist things to actually punish them. Just calling everyone racist and punishing them is insane.

    7. This article is a article, so I assume your statistics and data would be accurate. Sorry I thought this was journalism and held you to that standard where you don’t lie and make stuff up. If this is not journalism why is LLOTP posting it. Is LLOTP not a factual news website? I assumed they were.

    I did do the statistical research, which is why I posted it. And it proves police shootings are not racial. They are behavioral. I bet if I look into all those issues, I would find in contemporary America those are not mainly racial issues. You just say they are to support your false narrative. But if you are not going to bother researching them, I’m not going to do it for you. But if you want to use those as evidence for your statements you should research them and include the actual data. Otherwise it’s all just a false narrative, and I can dismiss it. How can you expect anyone to accept a statement with no evidence.

    8 What? Literally what? That was the vaguest statement I ever read. I can’t get a single point of reference from any of those words.

    9. Why are you talking about policing 400 years ago. Lets talk about policing now.

    Do you really expect me to Google. “policing alternatives” to know what your talking about. Your the one preaching here. Yet I seem to be the one with actual facts and information.

    There is a thing call the Bill of Rights, which police have to follow, that protect individual’s rights. As well as a few other things like Miranda’s rights, ect. Though there are problems like the patriot act and rouge cops. Which I was against the patriot act and any cop that violates civil rights should get punished. Start researching police officers that violate peoples rights and start protesting. Don’t be lazy and just say all cops violate people’s rights and kill people, we should get rid of all cops.

    Your for armed resistance, okay with people’s outward aggression to police, militant, and protested with BLM, which advocated violence to police and rioting. I never said you said “kill the police” I said you were okay with violent threats to police. Which by all accounts seem to be true. As “fuck all police” seems threatening. If I was to go into a school and start screaming “FUCK JIM” over and over. It is a safe bet Jim should be worried. Wouldn’t you?

    “Replace them with real social institutions”. Jesus Christ. Vague as hell and dangerous. That could literally mean anything. Death camps? Holy hell.

    Let me ask, since you are okay with armed resistance and find the police force corrupted and dangerous. Are you okay with the killing of police?

    10. As I went through all your points I have yet to see something that was inaccurate. My motives are clear; to criticize ridiculous and dangerous ideology. In hopes people see it and agree, then pass it on. Generally a verbal protest, which is how they should start. Not forcing it on anyone like some other protests. Maybe you should learn from it.

    11. I don’t think it’s the sole issue. You mentioned “magically change the way that police kill hundreds of people each year (and face next to no consequences for killing unarmed Black people).” So I disproved it with facts and data. You expected me to read your mind? I only reply on what you actually say. Did you want me to write your argument as well?

    The links in your article as well as some of my data shows police getting arrested and fired, so tell me about how they don’t get punished, when your own data shows them getting punished. But just as I disproved the shooting statements I’m sure I can for police punishment, but it’s probably not a sweet number as they got a strong union and such, but that is not a racial issue, which you say it is. But nonetheless the false narrative that police “face next to no consequences for killing unarmed black people” is false. But if your not going to do the work to support your false narrative, why should I in criticizing it. Your just the “journalist” writing the “article” for a “news” website.

    How about you talk about how blacks, which are only 12 percent of the population account for 52% of the homicides in America from 1980s to 2008 according to the FBI. That should more than account for the 6.

    12. I never said cower, never even implied it. I’m not for cops running uncontrolled, same way I’m not okay with SJWs running uncontrolled. But you should not physically fight a arrest. If you are innocent or the arrest is improper you fight it with a lawyer in court. You tell me what is the good thing about physically fighting a cop? Even if your innocent? Is that going to be proof in court your innocent? “judge I didn’t do anything, so I punched the cop in the face when he tried to detain me”. I don’t think you understand how the law system works in any way. Not even talking about the crazy conspiracy theories I’m sure you have about the law system. How the hell are you going to give people advice on how to to handle a arrest. You’re going to get people killed, literally.

    Never said only minorities in traffic stops, all people should be cooperative when being arrested, to not get hurt. Again getting arrested does not mean you are guilty. Physically fighting a cop or arguing with him makes no sense. Keep your mouth shut and ask for a lawyer.

    Does that mean your advocating resistance to arrest? Really that stupid?

    I never talked about assaulting protesters. I don’t even know what your talking about. But no protesters shouldn’t get assaulted if they don’t physically fight anyone.

    Your going to “reclaim your time”, how about you do actual research for your cause. Since you care so much about innocent people, but you won’t even do basic research for your position? You organize protests, but you don’t actually look up data or research information? More proof your are a self interested SJW that is only interested in the moral currency then actually helping people. You think writing a bullshit article for the less fortunate makes you a morally good person? How about actually caring enough to help people with actual facts and advocating for their safety. You are a joke.

    I never seen someone tell me to look it up myself since I was in school (saracasm, couldnt help it).

  3. Souky says

    In the United States of America, in the Bill of Rights the very first line is the freedom of speeches. It doesn’t say anything about it has to be a good speech. It doesn’t say you can’t say bad thing about the Jews, the Asian, the Black, the White, the Spanish, or the alien from the outer spaces. None. The founding fathers of this country were not people in their teens or late twenties. They were mature people who had careers, family, served in battle fields, in trades, and myriad facets of life. They’ve thought through before they put those words in that document. There is no country on earth, before this country, have that. It stood the test of time almost three centuries.

    Hate speech or not they, protesters, have the right to practice it. Our parents came from a country that never had this kind of freedom. Don’t bring our parents’ fear into this country. We live in a country that afford us this freedom. Embrace it.

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