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5 Simple Rules for a Happy Lao Valentine's Day

Here at LLOTP, we always try to be helpful to our dearest readers in the field of love, especially Lao love. This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones the true meaning of how Lao’d and proud you are with these simple rules in mind.



1. When saying “khway di jai” or “khway hak jao”, make sure you check the tonal difference and emphasize YOU are happy and in love and not the ‘little’ guy down there. Otherwise, expect laughter or a slap across the face.

2. It may be a sweet idea to take your Lao love out for ice cream, but make sure they’re not lactose-intolerant. Otherwise, be near a bathroom.

3. Spice things up with your culinary skills and make thum mak hoong. Go lightly on the padaek. And don’t forget the sticky rice and fried pork skin.

4. Serenade your Lao love with your favorite Lao song. Or be creative and do mor lam.

5. Finally, don’t forget to bring your mae some flowers too. She’ll remember if you forgot her.

What are your favorite Lao-filled ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share it and most creative idea will win a bag of coffee beans from Laos!



  1. Could you explain the correct tonal usage for “I” as opposed to “the little guy down there”?
    Is “I” correct with a rising tone, falling tone, low tone, neutral tone, high tone or what? I wish I knew.

    • littlelaosontheprairie says

      Hey Jim! Glad you found this post useful. The little guy down there uses the low, falling down tone while ‘I’ uses middle, normal tone. Be safe with your Lao out there! 555

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