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Lao Haiku News of the Week: The Mouse in Laos

Adventures by Disney announced last week it would be adding an all-new destination to its travel program in 2013.

For 12 days and 11 nights you’ll get to hang out in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Families will “work together in Laos to have a hand in the 13 stages of rice production.” Because that’s what every family wants to do when visiting Laos. In Cambodia, you’ll visit Angkor Wat and in Vietnam, you’ll visit a market and get your own groceries! Fun galore!

But in any case, it shows that Laos is getting on the map of the big guys! And here is our haiku in response:


Lucky friends of Mouse:
Welcome, falang, to our Laos.
See khao, farms, our house.

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