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Danny's Chicken and Salmon Salad

I’ve been in the Washington D.C. area visiting family and we’ve been cooking and eating out. While everyone was away at work, I peeked in the fridge to see what could satisfy my hunger.  With the leftovers, I created what I shall name Danny’s Chicken and Salmon Salad.

(As a tribute to my co-blogger, I ate this salad with chopsticks!)

First, I found some leftover Jamaican Jerk chicken breast and some grilled salmon in the fridge. There was no need to warm these up because I like my salad cold. I just ripped these into pieces so that I can add them to my salad.

Next, you need the following ingredients: cabbage, tomato, scallions, and romaine lettuce. I julienned the cabbage, sliced the tomato, chopped the scallions, and cut the lettuce into bite-size pieces. I put this all together into a big mixing bowl.

Next, for the dressing, I decided I wanted something light, aromatic, and tangy. So I decided to take a little orange juice, low-sodium soy sauce, and sesame oil and mix them together in a bowl. I would have added roasted sesame seeds to this dressing, but I was sadly lacking them (but, a wonderful addition!).

Once all the ingredients for the dressing are mixed together well, pour over veggies, chicken and salmon, and toss. What I would also add, but was lacking are roasted– maybe even candied–almond slices for a nice crunch.

This makes for a great summer salad.

Sern Saep! Enjoy!


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