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Ten Ways to Beat the Cold This Winter

I’m not sure how they used to do it on the prairie back in the day, but here are some great tips on staying warm during this cold, below-zero weather and wind.

10. Warm up to a fireplace. Not only do you get a nice fire going, but it will save you money from using a space heater. Plus, you can cook up some dried beef or squid. Yeah?

9. Drink some warm beverages like hot herbal teas, coffee, or hot chocolate.

8. Wear layers. Long underpants and undershirts will help keep the body heat in. We always keep our throw blankets handy in the winter to cozy up to when reading, watching the news, or napping.

7. Weather-proof everything. Use strips or window seals to keep out arctic drafts.

6. Keep yourself healthy by drinking lots of water and getting enough nutrients. Your body needs vitamins, sunshine,  and people to keep you vibrant and vivacious.

5. Enjoy a bowl of pho or chicken soup with homemade noodles. I like experimenting with cooking and learned how to make the noodles with the rice flour and tapioca flour mixture. Nothing is quite like homemade.

4. Indulge in an order of spicy papaya salad that will not only make you sweat, but numb you from head-to-toe against the cold. It’s also a good remedy if your nasal passages are stuffed up!

3. Wear a hat or wool socks. I know sometimes just parts of my body get cold, like my feet or my head, and wearing wool socks or a beanie can help make a huge difference.

2. Stay active. I should feel guilty about advising this, but keeping yourself active keeps you warm. I guess I’m thinking for myself that I need a little Dance Central 2 action tonight. That, or finally go to el gimnasio for once.

1. Extra body heat. I don’t have the luxury of cozying up to someone, but if you do take advantage of it!


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